kyo — minor
she/he, queer, eng/esp, argentina


@teez4eva ' s info!

before you follow : I'm a student so I go ia most of the time, english is not my first language, I could take time to answer comments, i love to interact :D

don't follow if : you like to engage in fanwars, you take kpop, fandoms or shipps too seriously

likes : ateez!! girlgroups, animals, cows, cats, fashion, horror content (?), art, mlp, sanrio, vocaloid, pjsk, minecraft, d:bh, cookie run, fnaf, magical girls, markiplierdislikes : bugs, akgaes/sasaengs, any kind of discrimination

do not repost my artworks! quote retweets are ok, using as profile pics and that stuff are ok too but with credits pls T_T

💭 links : Instagram and that's it lmao